Mobility of the Future

Wednesday, 27 March 2019
09:00 am - 11:00 am


Cities in the Middle Ages were created at intersections of traffic routes, transitions on rivers, secure places to defend and to allow the exchange and trade of goods. Often, these structures have been created without a final masterplan and very often do not meet the current requirements of all aspects of mobility. So, what to change?
After all, two-thirds of all people are expected to live in a city by 2050, predicts the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Even at the beginning of the 20th century, cities with more than ten million inhabitants were only in the realm of fantasy. However, the population explosion of the recent past caused more than 30 such giant cities to become a stony reality worldwide by 2018.
Although digitization, IoT and Artificial Intelligence are having more and more impact on our lives, people are “always online” and connected, mobility is one of the basic needs of humanity. How will we move in these megacities in the future? Is there still room for individual mobility?
Angelika Sodian’s keynote opens the session with insights about the Future of Mobility from a Chinese perspective. To give you an overview how to manage our journey of Change to a smarter and more sustainable way of Mobility the following presentations will discuss alternative aspects about the future role of cars. Barbara Flügge will introduce Smart Mobility Concepts and experiences and Karl-Filip Coenegrachts presents the vision how to build a true city of people. Finally, Hannes Voraberger will address various aspects implementing affordable, save and secure technology and applications for our vision of Future Mobility.


Dr. Angelika Sodian: “Mobility of the Future”
  • Cars of the future more than just a means of transportation – living room, service and the role of Artificial Intelligence
  • New eco-systems: connected, autonomous, shared, electric and cloud-based
  • Drivers of China’s Electric Vehicle growth
  • Sinovation Ventures – The new generation of front runner startups – how China fosters start-ups
  • Redefined user-experience


Dr. Barbara Flügge: “Alternative living and consumption spaces - the future role of cars”
  • The Smart Mobility Concept: game changer for the automotive industry
  • Spaces we love, visit and encounter
  • I, the car: rethinking my role in a connected service economy
  • Measure next: the strategic, economic and political impact of game changers


Karl-Filip Coenegrachts, LLM: ”Cities of People and the Future of Mobility”
  • Alternative vision and workable concept for future cities in a forward-looking, human centric and open governance model
  • The future of mobility from a people-centric perspective in a model for a warm smart city
  • How citizens themselves start initiatives in addition to and collaboration with government, industry and academia
  • The evolution to 'Mobility as a Commons’ - an alternative to the classic tech-focused top-down solutions


Dr. Hannes Voraberger: Microelectronics and integration Technologies: Enabler for Smart Mobility and Cities"
  • Automotive megatrend: electronics as the enabler for new ways of mobility
  • Chip embedding Technologies for smart mobility applications
  • Safety and security issues with increasing number of applications for in-vehicle entertainment, infotainment, navigation, ADAS, cameras, sensors and Car-to-X communication
  • Security & Surveillance


Angelika Sodian

Managing Director NIO

Barbara Flügge

Founder and managing director of digital value creators (DVC) Switzerland

Karl-Filip Coenegrachts

Founder and Director at citiesofpeople

Hannes Voraberger

Director Research & Development AT&S AG

Gerhard Greiner

Director Business Development and Innovation

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