SLOC is the new and innovative technology for Industry 4.0 and Industrial-IoT projects. Our smart devices combine sensor technology, connectivity and energy efficiency with unique onboard algorithms and provide the desired information as a service directly to the customers IT-system. Thereby SLOC supports them optimally in process optimization, automation and maximization of productivity.

We offer our customers and partners the provision of application-related information as a service (e.g. filllevel, position tracking, lid status, movement patterns, waste content) in order to use it as a basis for process optimization and automation. With our special pricing model, the customer just pays for the information he is interested in and high initial investments are a thing of the past. The monthly fee includes the software, updates and upgrades as well as the product support.

SLOC is a product-oriented technology company that leverages itself through an indirect sales model. Therefore, the sales partners (OEM, VAR, system integrators) buy SLOC products, combine it with their products and sell it as a full solution to the final customer.