Smart Energy Generation – Management – Optimization. Smart Home / Building, Interface to the Smart Grid, Microgrids, electric grid of the future, sector linking

Wednesday, 27 March 2019
01:00 pm - 03:30 pm

In this session we look at the topic of smart energy in the context of the smart home stretching from energy generation through energy management and optimization to the interface with the smart grid and therefore the energy system of the future. In this context looking at developments regarding interlinkage of sectors and building to building interfaces with net serving buildings.
We will learn about the possibility to produce energy with a photovoltaic system in every home in guerrilla style, with an intelligent load measurement. Energy production must be managed in an intelligent way, to balance production and consumption in a building, incorporating also storage possibilities. This leads among other adjustments to energy efficient homes. In this context smart home systems come into play addressing this challenge. Smart home systems are also the linkage to the requirements of the electricity grids of the future establishing an interface to buildings. This takes us from the home to the grid and further to the linkage of sectors as the keyword of the energy system of the future is sector coupling.
In addition, as an enabler for the digitalisation of the home and the grid in terms of hardware, we hear about CeraCharge™ and energy supply on circuit boards based on the novel concept of SMD batteries.

Workshop Program

5‘‘ Green Tech Cluster Styria – Introduction (Bernhard Puttinger)
15’’ EET Efficient Energy Technology GmbH – Plug & Play Solution with smart energy management (Christoph Grimmer)
15’’ LEVION Technologies GmbH – Energy management in cross-manufacturer environments (Sebastian Lassacher)
15’’ Meo Smart Home Energy – Scalability of integrated energy management (Peter Käfer)
15’’ Pause
15’’ Bioenergy2020+ / XENDEE Corporation - Optimization Based Design and Control of Distributed Energy Resources and Microgrids (Michael Stadler)
15’’ TDK Electronics GmbH & Co OG - CeraCharge™ – world’s first rechargeable solid-state SMD battery (Yongli Wang)
60’’ Panel Discussion


Christoph Grimmer

Founder of Efficient Energy Technology GmbH

Sebastian Lassacher

Head of Development at LEVION Technologies

Peter Käfer

Founder and CEO of meo ENERGY

Michael Stadler

Senior Scientific Advisor Bioenergy2020+ GmbH, Austria & Chief Technology Officer Bankable Energy | Xendee Corporation, California

Yongli Wang

Senior engineer and co-project manager for CeraCharge™, TDK Electronics GmbH & Co OG, Piezo & Protection Devices Business Group Deutschlandsberg, Austria

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