Smart Living Solutions – Joanneum Research

Wednesday, 27 March 2019
01:00 pm - 03:00 pm

Nowadays the concept of Smart Living is enjoying much interest worldwide and has considerable impact on almost all industrial and operational sectors and finally on our everyday life. Its mission is to build domestic, sharing, interoperability ecosystems for sustainable, safe and comfortable living benefits from recent advances in IoT, home automation, sensors & actuators and data analytics respectively. Technology integration enables the improvement of quality of life and security, reduction of the energy costs and implementation of an efficient control of all residential functionalities. The workshop will emphasise the efficiency of digital solutions, showing some best practice examples.
Smart lighting is the common first step into the digital independence and becomes a key tool to increase energy efficiency by adapting light intensity according to various parameters. In addition to the targeted production of lighting scenarios, prospective lighting systems will make it possible to acquire or transmit a multitude of data that must in turn be further processed and evaluated intelligently. How to realise the extensive lighting concepts including sensor systems, controls, regulation, networking and communication, constructing smart buildings, -cities and even –farming?  Synergy of business and science research provides the highest efficiency.
In terms of ecological and economic sustainability, the integration of maintenance, servicing and management of adequate user behavior into the product lifecycle analysis is getting increasingly important. Haas Fertigbau is as an ideal partner to support the building owner/resident in his regard and to accompany him in the future as a lifelong construction partner. The research project DeSSnet implements the collecting and time-aware analysis of sensor data in the building using safe, wireless and energy-saving sensor nodes designed by Infineon and RFID sensor tags designed by NXP. With these novel technologies of DeSSnet, Haas-Fertigbau can offer a better maintenance and repair strategy for the customers, instructional education for the customers (i.e. how to use my house?). It is essential for early recognition of systematical errors and misuse and last but not least to improve quality indicators of planning, purchasing and production.
The impact of demographic change rises the awareness of society for the opportunities in digital health and care. The institute DIGITAL is since many years a leading ICT innovation partner for digital health and care applications and will present the Styrian test region RegionAAL, focusing on the urban centres Graz, Leibnitz and Deutschlandsberg, scientific evaluation of effectiveness on the example of the first three model apartments.  Through the implementation of existing innovative information and communication technologies (ICT) in equipment of houses in the urban area the higher quality of life of older people and the potential for remaining longer in one’s own home have become reality.
The most intuitive design of the interaction between people and objects is a major technological challenge and depends on the object's ability to recognise environmental parameters on a large scale and to distinguish between intentional and unintentional interactions. PyzoFlex® is an innovative sensor technology that enables the full-surface recognition and processing of tactile and gestural information and can be shaped, integrated directly into the object, is large-area, durable, energy-autonomous and cost-effective. An "intelligent floor" based on PyzoFlex® could be used for example without the use of cameras for fall detection in hospitals or geriatric centres as well as in the context of smart living.
The event will tackle the realistic use-cases and applied solutions for smart living concepts via impulse statements and hands-on demonstrations. Use the opportunity to find the perfect business driver!



Introduction (5 min)
Impulse presentations (55 min)
-  Smart Connected Lighting
-  deSSnet smart building feat. Haas Fertighaus, Infineon & NXP
-  Styrian AAL test region – evaluation and results
-  The intelligent floor based on PyzoFlex®
Hands-on demos of the above mentioned use cases (50 min)
Wrap-up and Summary (10 min)


Robert Jöbstl

Head of department research and development of the Haas Group

Kurt Majcen

Senior Researcher in Connected Computing Research Group

Gregor Scheipl

Business development and Marketing, JR-Materials

Maria Fellner 

Head of Business Development, JOANNEUM RESEARCH – DIGITAL

Franz-Peter Wenzl

Head of research group Smart Connected Lighting, JOANNEUM RESEARCH – MATERIALS

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