Smart Technologies for Health and Wellbeing

Wednesday, 27 March 2019
04:00 pm - 05:30 pm

The current session gives an idea of the captivating diversity of the latest technologies for health and wellbeing. Learn about what stays behind the massive disruption in health care and what opportunities are opened by the intelligent systems improving the quality of life. Become familiar with the various methods to acquire data from biosensors in a synchronized way. Find out about the possibility for the disinfection of wounds and the decontamination of devices or foods by means of a compact battery driven plasma generator. See how air quality monitoring as a big issue in today’s world can benefit from a CMOS unique chip containing an array of 8 microhotplates enabling the implementation of 16 different gas sensors on a single chip.
  • Markus Puff, Vice President Corporate R&D, TDK Electronics Gmbh & Co OG, Piezo & Protection Devices Business Group: CeraPlas™ – A compact cold Plasma generator
  • Christoph Schaller,Senior Director Operations HRS EMEA Innovation & Technology at Flex, Digital Health at Flex
  • Anton Köck, Key Researcher at Materials Center Leoben (MCL):  Smart Multi Sensor Systems for Air Quality Monitoring
  • Eduardo Veas, Deputy Head of Knowledge Visualization at Know-Center: Synchronized acquisition of human data with biosensors: methods and applications


Markus Puff

Vice President Corporate R&D, TDK Electronics Gmbh & Co OG, Piezo & Protection Devices Business Group Deutschlandsberg, Austria

Anton Köck

Key Researcher at Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH

Christoph Schaller

Senior Director Operations HRS EMEA Innovation & Technology at Flex

Eduardo Veas

Deputy Division Manager, Knowledge Visualization


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