From March 25thto 27th, 2019, the #LetsCluster Summit hosted by Silicon Alps will take place in Graz - in the heart of Europe. With eight side events and a HighTech Expo with 50 exhibitors more than 500 national and international guests will be expected over the three days.

HighTech Expo

The #LetsCluster HighTech Expo will cover the members of the Silicon Alps Cluster as well as the Silicon Europe Alliance.

Keyfacts – Booth to Go

  1. variable booth thanks to modular system
  2. functional stowing dimension | Booth to go!
  3. 4m2for two days ** including booth (3 packages), individual design, rental fee, electricity, LAN/WLAN, assembly & disassembly
  4. Booth Package BASIC | wall and table large
  5. Booth Package STANDARD | wall, table large & table small
  6. Booth Package STANDARD+ | Wall, two tables large
  7. Individual booth planning is possible

If you like to be an exhibitor for the #LetsCluster Summit, you can choose between the following packages: