Security & Connectivity

Tuesday, 26 March 2019
03:30 pm - 05:30 pm

With the IoT our world is getting more and more convenient. Contactless payments, home automation, autonomous driving and smart factories are just a few examples. New mobile communication standards (e.g. the upcoming 5G) allow faster interaction between devices enabling new use cases.
Wherever things are good, the evil is not having a rest, but exploring new options to damage our society and the way we live. Having hackers entering our home networks, our privacy is highly at risk as we are getting exposed on very intimite things when cameras or sex toys are being hacked. Having medical devices, such as pace makers or insulin pumps attacked is even putting our lives at risk. The same holds when cars or planes are under attack. But even financial damage can be drastic if someone speculates on stock lapses of companies that are being attacked.
Consumer products are flooding our markets almost unfiltered when it comes to IT security. There is almost no regulation yet in place addressing this topic. The challenge there is manifold as security cannot be solved at one spot: devices need to be designed in a secure manner and resistant against attacks throughout their life-cycle. This requires the possibility to update devices to react to new trends on attacks. This in turn requires the availability of backend systems offering such services and secured communication channels between devices and the backend. And even if we manage to provide secure solutions how can we be sure they are properly implemented, configured, deployed and operated? 
In this session the above stated challenges are viewed at from different perspectives covering current hacks, the challenge on how to design devices securely, what the challenges are to provide the according connectivity and last but not least how regulations and independent third-party testing and certification can help to create trust.


Matthias Fiegl | Title: New IoT technologies will drive digitalization
Markus Pistauer | Title: Secured Trustworthy IoT Platform
Mario Lamberger | Title: From the Internet of Things to the Internet of Trust
Martin Schaffer | Title: Insecure IoT products flooding the markets: the upcoming challenges for regulators and conformity assessment bodies
Daniel Gruß | Titel: Software-based Microarchitectural Attacks: What do we learn from Meltdown and Spectre?


Martin Schaffer

Global Head of Secure Products & Systems, Digital Trust Services of the SGS Group

Mario Lamberger

Principal Cryptographer and Security Assessment Expert at NXP Semiconductors

Markus Pistauer

Founder and CEO of CISC

Daniel Gruss

Assistant Professor at Graz University of Technology

Matthias Fiegl

Head of IoT & Big Data T-Mobile

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