Blockchain for Smart Living

Wednesday, 27 March 2019
04:30 pm - 05:30 pm

The current session invites you to a critical reflection about the value of blockchain for smart living.


  • Denis Février, Scè | Paris, The relevance of blockchain for the distribution of culture
  • Thomas Zeinzinger, lab10, Blockchain – Crazyness vs. Reality: In this talk, you will learn what a blockchain is, what it can be used for and why there already exist so many different blockchains. You will also be presented with an outlook on technological developments and protocol improvements and find out why you should be very well aware, or even alerted, of a rapidly changing digital space in the future.
  • Manuel WeberSenior Software Developer at FRAISS IT GmbH, Blockchain: an innovation?


Denis Février

Directeur général et co-fondateur | Scè | Paris

Thomas Zeinzinger

CEO | lab10

Manuel Weber

Senior Software Developer at FRAISS IT GmbH

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