CISC Semiconductor GmbH

CISC has a strong background in embedded systems development and RF communication technologies with a particular focus on RFID/NFC including security aspects and standardization. CISC is currently working on new IoT solutions in domains such as Smart Mobility, Smart Production and Smart Home where safety, security and especially privacy play a key role for future user acceptance. New gateway devices from CISC will pave the way for future applications where IoT devices (phones, wearables) are closely interacting with (critical) infrastructure and the environment, always connected to the cloud. This is leveraged by providing innovative ticketing solutions integrated in a complete IoT ecosystem, supporting wireless connectivity (BLE/NFC) and state of the art security. CISC is also deeply involved in international standardization - being active for ISO, IEC, ETSI and IEEE standardization bodies. This background gives CISC as strong position in the development of new ICT concepts for networked embedded systems.