How digital technologies are radically transforming our future healthcare

Tuesday, 26 March 2019
pm - 03:00 pm

Healthcare is constantly evolving. This is needed to answer the always changing environment parameters such as demographic changes. Last years, this evolution is rapidly progressing, not in the least caused by the recent technological developments. In her talk, Isabelle François will give an overview on how (digital) technologies are radically transforming our healthcare.
The presentation includes a VR Demonstration: 
Virtual Reality (VR) is no longer just interesting for gadget freaks and gamers. Also in healthcare, VR is becoming increasingly popular. The evolution of VR technology is booming and the possibilities for using VR in a healthcare context are numerous. For instance, VR can be used for training medical routines (such as resuscitation) in a real life-like context. Also for educational purposes, VR is increasingly used. During the demo at the Let’s Cluster conference, you can learn what epilepsy exactly is, what an epileptic seizure feels like for a patient and what the future remedy is.




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