Know Center | Data-driven AI for the future

Wednesday, 27 March 2019
01:00 pm - 05:30 pm

As Austria’s leading research center in the area of Data-Driven Business and Big Data Analytics, we showcase a number of innovative methods and technologies in several application-oriented (live) sessions.



Breitfuss Gert - Data-Driven Product Development

Gursch Heimo - Outlier Detection in Time Series Data

Kienreich Wolfgang - Natural Language Processing Demystified

Molero Jose - Novel technologies for data architectures and infrastructure management

Pimas Oliver - Supervised Learning - A hands-on introduction

Sabol Vedran - AI-driven IA and Vice-Versa: Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Analytics benefiting from each other

Traub Matthias - Job Matching as a Competitive Tool: Utilizing Deep Learning for Job Recommendations

Wolf-Brenner Christof - Data Value Check

Luschnig Werner & Windisch Andreas - How to stay in Business: Why you can't ignore Machine Learning


Gert Breitfuß

Senior Researcher – Data-Driven Business

Heimo Gursch

PhD-Researcher – Knowledge Discovery

Wolfgang Kienreich

Director Business & Markets

Jose Molero

Systems architect and technical consultant – Big Data Lab

Oliver Pimas

Consultant for Analytics – Big Data Lab

Vedran Sabol

Area Head – Knowledge Visualization

Matthias Traub

Business Area Head – Social Computing

Christoph Wolf-Brenner

Big Data Consultant – Big Data Lab

Luschnig Werner  

Executive Director Silicon Austria Labs GmbH

Windisch Andreas

Senior Scientist – Machine Learning

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