Let’s shape the Internet of Things together - everything conceivable is technically feasible with the IoT Hardware NETBEE

Industrial sensor, conventional sensor or a combination of the two – you work with only one Hardware for collecting and transmitting all your data. Meet every customer request, no matter if you need one single or hundreds of sensors and irrespective of their type.

Which component of the IoT Hardware NETBEE turns your idea into a marketable product?

  • The complete system solution BEE READY
    You are looking for an IoT carefree package? BEE READY includes the boards BEEHIVE and BLOSSOM, a sturdy case and an optional display with multi-touch functions – a neatly packed all-rounder for every environment.
  • Boards BEEHIVE (communications circuit board) and BLOSSOM (sensor board)
  • Control cabinet version HONEYCOMB

Our control cabinet version opens the doors to industrial applications for your products. Plug & play, quick and easy to use: Connect industrial-suited sensors with the control cabinet, start programming your software – and your solution is ready to go.

Become part of our ECOSYSTEM and benefit from industrial-suited, tried and tested IoT Hardware. Create added value for your customers through professional trainings and support during all stages of project management.