Trendsetting in Smart Production and Process Technologies

Tuesday, 26 March 2019
01:00 pm - 14:30 pm

What success stories in smart production can be emphasized? And what can we learn from each other to improve our production strategy and international cooperation in this field? This session introduces you to best practice examples, for instance about the positioning technologies for IoT, the FlexPulse and Visibility in the Supply-Chain, special fabrication technologies such as laser micromachining, or control systems in an EOL testbench
Chair: Frank Bösenberg, Managing Director, SILICON SAXONY e.V
  • Martin Reiner | Flex Althofen,  Smart End to End Supply Chain
  • Matthias Faust | ZigPos, Positioning Technology for IoT - Real-Time Transparency with pinpoint accuracy
  • Gerald Hirschmann | EVON, Combined SCADA and MES platform used for assemblyline and EOL testbench 
  •  Hendrik Steinmetz | 3D Micromac, Laser Micromachining Systems for the Industrial Production of Semiconductor Devices


Martin Reiner

Head of Operations Flex Althofen

Matthias Faust

Head of Business Development at ZIGPOS GmbH

Gerald Hirschmann

Sales manager at evon GmbH


Hendrik Steinmetz

Area Sales Manager Europe at 3D-Micromac AG

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